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While we all wish the past few weeks were part of an elaborate April Fool's Day joke, the fact is social distancing amidst a global pandemic has become our new normal. Staying healthy and apart is of paramount importance to ensure we can all make it out of this. Although, we're finding ways to adjust, we're all still missing a basketball sized piece of us. With the travel ball season in limbo, the 2021 class and younger are left wondering how this will impact their future for the years to come. Despite the unknowns, there are still ways that prospective student-athletes can make the most of this situation.

1. Find Film

Just like you, college coaches are spending much more time in front of a screen. Here's your chance to give them something to watch! Get with your high school or travel coach to create a highlight tape. Your highlights should showcase different aspects of your game to show coaches how versatile you are. Also, have full game footage available. Coaches will want to see if you can bring that skillset on a nightly basis.

2. Research

Now is your chance to take recruiting into your own hands. Visit schools' websites to view their virtual tour features. Think about what you want to study and find out which schools offer that major. Look up team websites and find out how many roster spots and what positions will be open by the time you graduate. Identifying these things now will help you have a better idea of your role in that program down the road.

3. Reach Out

Again, college coaches have never been more available than now. Take time to identify the recruiting coordinator, top assistant, or head of recruiting on each staff. With your highlight and game film on hand, email coaches about your interest in their program. Be sure to be professional, respectful, and include your contact information and graduation year. Even though things may change, attaching your tentative travel ball schedule would also be helpful.

4. Get Better

There are so many aspects to being a great athlete that don't include putting a ball through the hoop. Use this time to monitor and improve your eating habits. Work on your agility and quickness by grabbing a jump rope or working on your footwork. Maintain your conditioning by going for a run (while maintaining your space!) or completing metabolic workouts. Improve your basketball IQ by analyzing your game film and taking advantage of the free WNBA League Pass.

Though the world is at a standstill, your recruiting journey doesn't have to be!

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